Benefits of Dashboards
  • Stand ahead of time with our real time, dynamic visualization of all relevant Key Performance Indicators.
  • Navigate effortlessly through the data warehouse and identify the root causes with our compound analytics functions.
  • Supervise your business at a glance with our well-focused representation of all business matrices.
  • Gain grounds ahead of the competition as you fuel your decision making with fact-driven and prioritized insights and recaps.
  • Master performance evaluation for powerful and constant operational and human enhancement.
  • Compare achievements to targets, and collaborate efforts towards achieving plans.
  • Guarantee a well-targeted access depending on the security level identified.
Functions of Dashboards
  • Secure Access: Guaranteed by our Multi Authorization Levels.
  • Functional Authorization Matrix Access: Well-defined dashboards depending on the security level and the user profile identified.
  • Comparative Analysis: Numerical and Graphical visualization shedding the light on actual achievements compared to plans and comparing various dimensions and facts.
  • Trend, pattern and historical analysis over extended periods of time using compound dimensional inputs.
  • Distribution Analysis: Using various predefined dimensions and facts.
  • Ranking: Using various predefined dimensions and facts.
  • Geographical representation, well defined dynamic map representation of all major data.
  • Graphical representation and customized dynamic charts for improved visualization.
  • Export and share.
Executive Dashboards Financial Dashboards Risk Management Dashboards Retail Management Dashboards Corporate Management Dashboards
Dashboard ModulesBeye Dashboard Modules are the management’s cockpit, containing all the essential information that executive managers need to safely navigate through their business plans, in order to reach the bank’s final destination.
CEO Dashboards
It would be dangerous to take a flight on a plane with a captain who has no measurement instrumentation, running a business without an Executive Dashboard could be just as risky. The CEO Dashboards provide a streamlined real-time view of all the business factors to ensure that all business and support units in the bank are performing at the required level to achieve the business objectives while keeping the bank safe. Just to highlight a few traits of the CEO dashboards :
  • Increase revenues and profits.
  • Provide greater business insight and more informed decision making.
  • Identify and correct off track trends ahead of time
  • Monitor all key risk and regulatory metrics.
  • Have access to accurate and analytical information quickly
CEO data dashboards provide performance reviews across all divisions to help in fast and more informed decision–making process while reducing paper reports and in-person meetings. It is concise and it offers precise and relevant KPI’s which can be chosen by the CEO.
Finance Banking Analytics
Our financial module supports the new broadened role of the CFO beyond the core responsibility of financial reporting and auditing. The CFO is required to play a more prominent role in driving the bank’s strategy and insuring its execution with precision.

Real-time monitoring along with graphical and numerical information is the perfect tool for making sense of data. The balance sheet and income statement has never looked simpler.

Our dashboards will help you keep the right balance between your Assets and Liabilities and would eventually contribute to increasing your shareholders value.

You can seek recommendations, take corrective actions and contact the related personnel on the spot with our “Management” (escalation) functions.
Our dashboards will help you keep the right balance between your Assets and Liabilities and would eventually contribute to increasing your shareholders value.

You can seek recommendations, take corrective actions and contact the related personnel on the spot with our “Management” (escalation) functions.
Risk Banking Analytics
Risk is structured into the business of every bank; it’s the mitigation strategy and planning ahead of time which is the top priority of every CRO.

Big data and analytics are being used by innovators to improve risk assessment and drive revenues. Beye is no different in that regard, with focus on credit and operational risks this module will help the CRO comply with Basel standards as well as internal risk policies and the local central bank.

Aimed at creating transparency across the banking institution Beye provides a comprehensive solution for risk management that includes 100s of KPIs.

Analysis of borrowers, the trends of default, and the value of collateral helps the CRO identify their risk level and consequently directs them with credit policy, pricing and revenue planning. The risk dashboards cover :
  • Delinquency levels in the portfolio.
  • Products, geographies, profiles, and business units that are performing well and the ones performing poorly.
  • How much of the portfolio is rolling from one delinquency bucket to the next.
  • Credit scores throughout the portfolio.
Retail Banking Analytics
A comprehensive tool to help retail banking managers. It has multiple modules covering :
  • Customer Analytics: The customers are the core of the banking operation, understanding their profile and needs is a sustainable competitive advantage in the banking business.
  • Lending Activity Management: As lending is the key activity in the financial sector; its portfolio is one of the largest assets in the bank and a primary revenue source. The loans module will analyze the lending portfolio from the top down. It will also focus on the sales and booking as well as delinquency analysis.
  • Liability analytics: Growing the banks’ deposits portfolio with the correct pricing minimizes liquidity risks and boosts revenues. Movement and concentration of deposits are two main features in the deposits module.
  • Credit and debit Cards Analytics: Monitoring a highly moving product like cards on real time basis offers managers and decision makers with the required flexibility to plan for future growth
    and alter existing plans when need arises, especially when cards usage and delinquency analysis are also provided.
  • Retail banking transactions analytics: Even though new banking channels are arising each day the branch remains the preferred channel for most banking customers. This is the module all banks need to enhance customer experience and analyze their hourly and daily transactions; inter-branch as well as within branch.
  • Branch 360: An overview, analysis, and comparison for the branches network. This is a great tool for branch and district managers.
  • ATMs & E-Channels: ATMs analytics provides some of the most important data that a bank could mine; it shows the most popular geographical locations, the times of peak usage, cash levels, and the ATMs that generate the most profitable transactions. Failed transaction and the reason for it is also provided.
Corporate Banking Analytics
The nature of corporate lending and the ticket size of loans make close and continuous monitoring of the corporate credit portfolio an essential task. Our solution ensures that the corporate banking executives manage the business optimally by providing them with :
  • Portfolio growth and yield per product.
  • Non funded income analytics.
  • Deposit movements.
  • Sector analytics.
  • RM sales activities.
  • Analysis of the funded and unfunded portfolios.
  • Limit & Utilization along with NPL analysis.