Business Intelligene and Beye
As the banking industry grows, the challenges facing it grow in size and nature..
The growing competition, the intensifying complexity, the expanding diversity and the ever changing regulatory frameworks, have made it even more essential for banks to rely on processed data to maintain a competitive edge and generate profit while at the same time maintain the health of their banks.

Banks nowadays are competing to adopt the latest business intelligence tools to assist them simplify their bank's management and plan with insight their success routes, a fact that adds to the challenges facing late adapters, causing them to lose grounds that the latest technologies could help them steal a march on.

To give shareholders more value, bankers across the world strive to achieve financial health and stability, generate profit and sustain growth levels, while closely monitoring the risk position and the bank's ranking.
Unleash the value of your data assets
Beye will help you keep your fingers on the pulse of the business, we have identified hundreds of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to assist in improving the financial and non-financial well-being of the bank.

Beye has simplified the management of all the business aspects and has pushed goals achievement one step ahead.

Our solution will help you make well informed decisions based on solid facts and precisely identified problems and gaps. It will enhance the flexibility and swiftness to react to changes and alter the direction through the dynamic and integrated communication and escalation tools.

Beye takes pride of its effectiveness in processing large amounts of data from various sources across the bank, while being an easy to use solution.
Our Scope of Service
Geographical coverage Regional coverage of the MENA and Gulf Regions powered by our extensive expertise in the region.
Target users Targeting senior executives and key decision makers through well defined, intuitive and interactive dashboards.
Banking aspects Covering all core divisions across a banking institution, and bridging the gap of knowledge between them. A complete approach integrating the regulations and policies in practice including global and local bodies regulating the banking system.

Our dashboards bring together the key performance indicators related to:
Executive Dashboards, Financial Analytics, Asset Liability Management Analytics, Risk Management Analytics, Retail Management Analytics, Corporate Management Analytics, Operational Analytics, and Benchmarking.
To maintain the leading position in the banking business intelligence services, in all the countries of the MENA and Gulf regions, through providing world class services and solutions, supported by constant improvements and updates.
To provide the ultimate business intelligence experience to banking experts, and become the primary tool assisting key banking managers in their daily functions and in achieving their objectives.