Banking Business Intelligence Consulting Aiming at providing a banking business intelligence solution that will deliver results and create value, preparing the data that fuels a business intelligence solution is key to its success. READ MORE
Understanding that the effectiveness of any business intelligence solution is highly attributed to the readiness, quality and structure of the data that fuels it, we have designed our solution to start by assessing the data issues of our clients.

Our team of experts with their extensive hands-on experience in the field, perform individual gap analysis for each client, identifying all the data issues that
would affect the usefulness of our solutions.

The gap analysis report, addresses all the issues related to data quality, data readiness, data infrastructure, source of data and data ownerships,and will include technical and business recommendations to help our clients prepare their data and set their priorities.
The technical analysis ensures that our solution will provide the maximum outcome possible within the technical capabilities of the bank as we pledge to provide a solution that will produce tangible added value.
Specialized Banking Business Intelligence Dashboards To bridge the gap between data sources and data utilization, our banking dashboards are intelligently designed to provide the highest standards in data representation. READ MORE
Data Staging and ETL Service Our business intelligence solution provides multidimensional analysis, facilitating business analysis and planning through the high level of consistency in the approach and terminology. READ MORE
Banking Business Intelligence Training Our team will deliver comprehensive training to business users on the content and usability of the solution and provide continuous support support. READ MORE
Our business intelligence dashboards have been designed and built from a holistic view, to overcome all the reporting issues that limit and complicate the usefulness of data findings. The bank’s management of its business has been considered as the focal point when creating the content of our dashboards and the managerial role has been focused on when designing the functionalities of the solution.

Our banking experts have identified and focused on all the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) used to manage banking institutions around the world to assist in improving the financial and non-financial well-being of the institutions,covering all core banking divisions,
local and international regulatory requirements. The solution is highly effective in performing complex processing for large amounts of data from various sources across the bank, while being an easy to comprehend, simple and focused interface.

Our business intelligence dashboards provide a unified platform with user-identified interface to be the single source of the truth for all departments of the banking institution, it gathers data from multiple sources across the bank,streamlines the findings and presents them in the most suitable format for each department.

While the interface of our dashboards allows quick
access to the most common banking KPIs as necessary for business users, its solid architecture allows for further profound analytics from different angles and at different levels.

Our business intelligence dashboards are highly integrated and cross functional, horizontally comprehensive to cover all business functions and vertically complete to serve management at the different levels and provide the business and IT support related to our solution .

The methodology of data bridging between data sources, data processing tools and data reporting solutions not only affects the security of data and information, but also reflects on the quality and swiftness of data processing and presentation. The process of Extracting, Transforming and Loading (ETL), is highly optimized when the proper staging areas and structures are used.

Our team of experts are familiar with the various structures and types of data sources, data repositories and end user interfaces and have the ability to identify the IT elements required to create the most secure, efficient and swift staging areas.

Whether the client has a well-structured data repository, well designed data model or uses scattered sources of data, our data staging areas have the ability to perform ETL functions and deliver consolidated, standard and consistent data analysis enterprise wide.

Our intermediate transient staging areas provide the needed consistency and swiftness in data processing while maintaining high levels of security and confidentiality; they permit multidimensional analysis to facilitate business analysis and planning across the organization through the high level of reliability in the approach and terminology.

Combining data from the different sources and templates across the organization, our solutions transform data pieces into meaningful sets of information useable by the various levels and functions across the organization, allowing for consistent, smooth and harmonized reporting.
Optimizing the usefulness of our complete business intelligence solution is highly dependent on the user's awareness and familiarity with the solution’s content and functionalities.

Our team will provide analytical training to cover system usage and KPI training for each business area as well as comprehensive training on system maintenance and data operation

Beye provides continuous support and orientations on the new features, updates, and enhancements.